Forex Robots Vs Human Traders – Who Is Better?


This is quite a contradictory question and everyone has a different perspective on this topic. Before answering the question, firstly let’s understand what Forex Robots are, and how do they work! 

What are Forex Robots?

Forex robots are AI programmes with an algorithmic foundation. They locate the prospective trade, perform a technical analysis, and then place the appropriate sell or buy orders. Even when the trader is not available on the platform, robots may still place trades using the forex preset rules. They assist in choosing whether to purchase or sell a particular currency pair at a particular time. 

Forex robots were created to eliminate the psychological component of trading and are fully automated. They can assist you with trading execution for 24/7 with sophisticated trading methods, because they are integrated with online forex platforms. A forex robot will continuously work for you, placing trades in accordance with your desired trading style and the parameters you choose. When using trading robots, you only need to supply the data; they will take care of the rest.

Advantage of using Robots in Forex Trading

  • Using forex robots can improve your trading as they can be used successfully in conjunction with manual trading.
  • They can open and close trades on their own as they are fully automatic.
  • You can trade round-the-clock without having to sit in front of the screen the whole day.
  • They are computerised thus can carry out trading activity more quickly while avoiding manual errors.
  • Forex robots can be used by traders to apply sophisticated trading methods and use advanced indicators.
  • Unlike manual trading, they can implement complex trading strategies without any emotional bias.
  • You can create your own forex robots if you are familiar with programming languages like Python.  

Are Robots better than Human Traders?

Using an automated system helps traders to keep an eye on many aspects, including entries and exits, stop-loss orders, and profit targets, because robots are far better at multitasking than humans. In contrast to traders whose trading decisions are easily swayed by emotions, they also eliminate emotions from the trading process. However, limitations apply to forex robots as well. When the programme is integrated with the platform, they lose their effectiveness outside of the defined range. Also, they might not be able to adjust to changing market conditions; hence trading with robots might not always be a wise option. Because of its volatility and its effects, the market is contentious. Forex bots can’t always deliver on their promises. So, traders should only use them as a guide and focus on developing trading skills and market knowledge. 

In The End

The forex trading market is the largest financial market in the whole world. It is enormously liquid and volatile at the same time. It can be difficult to predict the market and take the necessary action. With the advent of trading robots, operating your forex trading 24*7 is much easier. Due to speed, diligence, and consistency in following trading plans, forex robots have enabled better trading results. You can experience a hassle-free trading journey with an autonomous device, knowing that all of your trading is being handled by a trading robot.